Top Anti-Estrogen Ingredients


anti-estrogenIt’s no secret that DIM is a powerful anti-estrogen ingredient. The top supplements on the market for blocking estrogen generally include a dose of DIM, because it works. There’s some validated anti-estrogen supplement reviews online that can help you to pick a product that will work for you. As noted in one study “In this study, we report that ‘physiologically obtainable’ concentrations of DIM (10 μM) activate the estrogen receptor α (ERα) signaling pathway in the human breast cancer cell lines MCF7 and T47D, in a 17β-estradiol (E2)-independent manner. Accordingly, we observe induction of ERα target genes such as GREB1 and TFF1, and an increase in cellular proliferation after treatment with 10 μM DIM in the absence of E2. By using an ERα specific inhibitor (ICI 182 780), we confirm that the transcriptional and proliferative effects of DIM treatment are mediated by ERα. We further show that the protein kinase A signaling pathway participates in DIM-mediated activation of ERα. In contrast, higher concentrations of DIM (e.g. 50 μM) have an opposite and expected effect on cells, which is to inhibit proliferation.”, see the full study here:


Rhodiola root in a standardized extract has also been shown to be an effective estrogen blocker. Examine notes that “A standardized extract of rhodiola (3% rosavins and 1% salidroside) is able to competitively inhibit estrogen binding to the receptor in a concentration dependent manner”. The full text is available here:

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