Androsurge | Top Rated Estrogen Blocker for 2017

Androsurge | Top Rated Estrogen Blocker for 2017

Fairly new to the market (within the past few years) is Jacked Factory.

Since being created, the company has only seemed to produce quality, reliable products that are backed by science.

Not to mention that they don’t use any proprietary blends in their formulas.

With their anti-estrogen blocker Androsurge it was no different and just as anticipated. Proprietary blend free, backed by science, and high affordable for what you’re getting.

A reputable supplement review website, Spot Me Bro also rated Androsurge as the top estrogen blocker for 2017.

For those reasons, along with great reviews we’ve ranked Androsurge as the top anti-estrogen supplement for 2017. Androsurge is available through or directly from their website.

The formula:

Vitamin D – 1000 IU
Zinc – 9.5 mg
Grape Seed Extract – 150 mg
DIM – 150 mg
Rhodiola Root Extract – 125 mg
Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract – 100 mg
Bioperine – 5 mg



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